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Call free from Ukraine at: 0 800 500 100, or +380 44 278 17 80 (pay line) from abroad to check the status of your Western Union transfer. For this purpose, you should know your ten-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
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Western Union is the world's largest fast money transfer system and a worldwide leader in money transfer services. You can pick up your money within minutes after it has been sent at one of 285,000 Western Union agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. Fore more than 130 years, not a single cent of the customer's money has ever been lost!

Western Union transfers: its like giving your money from hand to hand.

We are pleased to note it was Ukrainian Financial Group (UFG) that invited Western Union to Ukraine and became the countrys first Western Union agent more than ten years ago. In turn, Western Union has commended UFG as one of its best agents in the world due to exceptional client commitment and consistently high service quality that meets Western Unions corporate standards.

We would be pleased to help our clients at any time. On this webpage you can find information how to send or receive money through Western Union, together with comprehensive data on Western Union and other useful information. You can also contact our companys Western Union staff on our website. Our website is the only Internet-based resource in Ukraine entirely specialized in Western Union money transfer services. In many aspects this website has no parallel in CEE and the former Soviet Union.

You can obtain the required information by clicking on the banners or the drop-down menu bar on this page. The information is sorted based on our customers queries. Click on Western Union Customer Helpdesk for our customers most frequently asked questions and our specialists' answers, or ask questions yourself by calling our Helpdesk at 8 800 500 1000. Or click on News most frequently sought by the customers. For easier search, the information is sorted by countries most often requested by our guests.

We also provide information on Western Union promotions in Ukraine and abroad that are traditionally popular among the customers. By entering a prize draw, Western Union customers can win cars, gold bars, TVs, video cameras and other valuable things. A significant portion of this information is of an exclusive nature and is selected by Ukrainian Financial Group from the countries most often visited by the Ukrainians. We are pleased to share this information with our guests, and will be happy if it helps you win a valuable price or nice promotional gift in Ukraine or abroad.

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