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Ukrainian Financial Group is one of the first Ukrainian companies to invest in the development of specialised trading services infrastructure, particularly in dealership and agent services networks. UFG signed dealership contracts with BMW, COMPAQ COMPUTERS, COMPUTERVISION, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, AT&T, PIERRE CARDIN, IP GROUP, and other companies.

Within its first ten years of operation, UFG invested over US$ 24 million in these projects.

Our company established the first nationwide network of WESTERN UNION fast international money transfer services that became part of the worldwide Western Union FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. system comprising 182,000 outlets in 195 countries, accessible to 80 per cent of the world population.

Within the period from 1993 to 2001, UFG established and significantly expanded its WESTERN UNION network in Ukraine, accounting for over 30 per cent of all WESTERN UNION services on the Ukrainian market. Within this activity, UFG co-operates with 30 Ukrainian banks under agent agreements, delivering money services in full conformity with WESTER UNION quality standards. UFG won WESTERN UNION quality achievement rewards more than once.

UFG’s total investment in its WESTERN UNION services network amounts to US$1.9 million.

Ukrainian Financial Group was one of the first Ukrainian companies to provide sales and servicing of foreign cars in accordance with global automotive industry standards. For this purpose, a Ukrainian-German joint venture, Ukrainian Automobile Company (UAC) was established in 1992 as BMW general importer in Ukraine. UFG launched a network of car sales and service centres in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa and Cherkasy. Through a combination of international best management practices and techniques, employee skills obtained through on-site training by BMW specialists, and the range of top international quality products and services provided to its customers, UAC played a pioneering role in the establishment of modern automotive dealership business in Ukraine. As a result, in 1995 UAC annual sales reached US$ 2.6 million, while the BMW brand dominated on the Ukrainian top-class car market at that time.

With the perception of great importance of information technologies and their promising future on the developing Ukrainian market, UFG founded a Ukrainian-American joint venture Computer Group UKRAINA in 1993, which became an official supplier of COMPAQ COMPUTERS, COMPUTERVISION, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, AT&T in Ukraine. Ukrainian customers of Computer Group UKRAINA represented the country’ s government, top industrial companies, banks, scientific and research institutions, etc., including Presidential Administration, Ministries and government agencies, National Space Agency, Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, NIPI Soyuz, NPO Orbita, Dneprokosmos, Malyshev Plant, Bank Ukraina, Ukrsotsbank, as well as Ukrainian offices of GENERAL ELECTRIC, KPMG, ERICSSON, and other entities.

Ukrainian Financial Group continues to view its dealership business as a priority, expecting good return on investment in the development of all types of dealership networks for goods and services that find considerable and stable market in Ukraine.

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