Investing in real estate, land and construction became one of the priority activities for UFG. On different stages of the Group’s activity, these operations comprised a broad, dynamic and prospective segment of its business. Started in 1992 from transactions with residential spaces and other real estate projects, the business expanded to investments in construction and land plots over the time.

For the time being, the total volume of investment in real estate, land and construction exceeded US$ 14.5 million.

Ukrainian Financial Group has made real estate operations a distinct priority since early 1990’s. At that time, Ukraine embarked on the first stage of mass privatisation, when millions of Ukrainians privatised their residential property, thus giving a boost to the establishment of Ukraine’s real estate market. In 1993 JSC Ukrainska Birzha (Ukrainian Exchange) DESYATINNA was organised, which soon became a leader on Ukraine’s real estate market. Within five years of operation, DESYATINNA accounted for 33 to 40 per cent of all related transactions in Ukraine, accommodating 250 realtors. The daily turnover in these years reached over 10,000 bids with the total worth US$ 300 million. On average, up to 10,000 contracts worth over US$ 80 million were executed via DESYATINNA annually.

Subsequently, the Group expanded its scope of business from secondary market operations, primarily with residential blocks and other real estate, to primary market investments, particularly, construction and acquisition of land plots for construction sites.

A typical segment of UFG’s activity on the primary market was its participation in the development of European class construction projects. In particular, UFG was a consultant and co-investor in the construction of a consignment terminal, CZOP-INTERPORT on Ukraine’s western border together with the development of a free economic zone infrastructure with a budget of US$ 80 million. UFG implemented the project in conjunction with Bovis International (UK).

Within their engagement with consortia for large-scale investment projects, UFG provided advisory and other services at different stages of development of the international business centre, a residential block for foreign diplomats, and an international class hotel in Kyiv.

With the investment market for real estate and land being in its formative stage in Ukraine, UFG’s efforts are focused on speeding up the pace of development of the market by attracting the most prospective investors, with the consideration of major global market trends, standards, technologies and prospects.