UFG provides a full range of highly efficient investment services both domestically and abroad, including advisory services on individual or group investment in the most lucrative projects; project management and support by providing banking, insurance, trade, manufacturing and other services from the Group's specialists and/or Ukrainian and for­eign counterparts.

Throughout its 12-year history, the UFG strategy was focused on the implementation of investment projects aimed at the development of the domestic goods and services market and key economic sectors of Ukraine.

For the time being, the Group has developed robust corporate values and principles, gained in-depth vision of its business goals and objectives. We build on both the expertise and skills of our domestic pool of professionals and co-operation with the leaders on the global finance and investment markets.

We also capitalise on the adoption of the best global practices and methods in our day-to­-day activities that help us to deliver best quality and value to our clients and counterparts.

Openness and perceptiveness to new ideas, best practices and innovation approaches comprise a principal feature of the UFG corporate culture.

With the principal goal to meet the client’s needs and requirements and contribute to the client’s success on the market, Ukrainian Financial Group offers its investment services acting predominantly as
- investment advisor;
- investment manager; and
- investor or co-investor.

UFG has gained a unique experience together with unparalleled credentials among Ukrainian investment companies due to its efficient investment approach responding specific challenges from the Ukrainian environment. We achieved a high degree of efficiency and won our partners' and clients' confidence by designing a set of advanced methods and tools based on our in-depth vision and precise understanding of Ukrainian market processes to offer the client the most lucrative and prospective investment opportunities. Each investment opportunity is scrutinised in compliance with our assessment methodology based on the entity, industry and region-specific information and market research data accumulated by the UFG nation-wide organisation on an on-going basis. The assessment procedure involves a comprehensive examination, scenario modelling and forecasting of each individual project outputs, and designing of the mechanisms to facilitate an on-going financial and operational control and efficient management of the investment throughout the project cycle. At further project stages, our methodology allows to secure a maximum return on investment, and identify new, most profitable industries, markets and individual entities for re-investment.

The investment services offered by Ukrainian Financial Group have the following characteristics:
- Building on the experience gained by UFG as the longest-term market operator. UFG was among pioneers of investment business in independent Ukraine. Our corporation established the first investment companies and investment banks in the marketplace together with other entities to target, draw, support and service the investment projects. To the same end, UFG was one of the first companies in Ukraine to allocate its stocks for IPO and operate on the domestic securities market.
- Wide geography. UFG investment business encompasses all the regions of Ukraine. The corporation has gained a unique experience of targeting opportunities and drawing foreign investment, as well as providing services to foreign investors in Ukraine.
- Wide range of investment activities. UFG has a practical experience of investment in key industries. This provided us with in-depth knowledge of both the overall Ukrainian investment market and its individual segments.
- Unique investment portfolio. We have both vision and capability to offer our clients and counterparts the most lucrative investments opportunities.
- Pool of highly qualified professionals with a significant experience in the implementation of investment projects both domestically and abroad. We draw on our pool of investment professionals that have been trained under the programs of World Bank Institute (Washington D.C.), the French government executive training program (Paris), and TACIS educational programs (Amsterdam). We also involve independent project managers and experts in our Ukrainian and foreign pro­jects. To the same end, UFG has a practice of employing the experienced expatriate professionals.
- Compliance with international standards and procedures. On different stages, the foreign partners of UFG in the project assess­ment and examination included, or presently include European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Bovis International (London, UK, construction projects); ING Barings, Rabobank, Russia's Alpha Bank (finance projects); Alexander & Alexander (the US), InGosStrakh (Russia) - insurance projects, etc. Through its close co-operation with the Russian and Ukrainian Project Management Associations (PMAs), UFG maintains links with International PMA (Switzerland) and PMI (the US). Together with its US counterparts, UFG founded the Ukrainian Legal Fund to handle transformation to international legal standards in the imple­mentation of investment projects in Ukraine.
- Long-term co-operation with leading investment banks and companies in Ukraine and abroad. UFG is committed to the success of its partners in business and clients representing foreign investors and Ukrainian entities that draw investment and offer their goods and services on the domestic and foreign market.
- Individual approach to each client and partner in business, with the maximum consideration of individual specifics, requirements and needs.
- Efficient resource management. This concept encompasses drawing all corporate resources, including brand, human resources, securities, and cash relevant to UFG roles and responsibilities in the project for its successful implementation. This also applies to efficient and timely investment and reinvestment of the generated profits into more profitable opportuni­ties or specific entities.
- High and stable profitability. The annual weighted average ROI for UFG in 12 years equals 19.8%.
- Solid reputation. Due to its solid business reputation, UFG became one of the most trusted and reliable Ukrainian companies both domestically and abroad. UFG operates in strict compliance with the Ukrainian and international law.

Through an on-going development and improvement of its corporate structure, financial and investment tools and techniques, building up its personnel skills, dynamism, diversification and high responsiveness to the changing business environment, and commitment to the client success, Ukrainian Financial Group continues sharpening its competitive edge and achieving further growth.