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Questions and answers

Q: Is it possible to find UFG’s news anywhere? Why is the news page not available on your website?

A: The company’s news can be found on different pages on this website. Hot news are placed on the banner on our Start page. You can also find out about many events related to our company from our Press Releases page. Information on new offers and projects is available on the pages representing the investment services provided by UFG in various industries.

You can send your queries by using our Send Query option, and our specialists will reply to you by the e-mail. Answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided on this page.

Information can also be obtained from other websites related to the UFG family. For instance, the information on insurance services and Western Union fast money transfer services is available on specialized websites.

UFG is an investment company that strictly complies with confidentiality rules determined by specific requirements of the investment business. Essentially, we provide the information on this website and other media on the investment projects that are currently underway. However, an access to the information on the projects at a preparatory stage is restricted due to confidentiality requirements of our clients. UFG is historically focused on clients’ information security as a part of its overall client commitment and integrity principles.

Therefore, we again recommend you to send your queries directly to UFG specialists. We reply to all the queries received. The reply details will depend on the relevance of the query to the company’s business needs and plans for joint investment projects.