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Industry and agriculture represent another strategic priority for UFG investment activities. UFG invests in key industries of Ukrainian economy, primarily in machine-building, metallurgy, energy and utilities, oil processing, chemical industry, consumer goods production, construction materials, agriculture and processing agricultural products, etc. In projects assessment and selection, the Group is focused to the maximum extent on the trends and processes in the national economy to meet the needs of Ukrainian manufacturers by providing services of exceptional quality and value. With these considerations, UFG’s initial investment projects were aimed at the establishment of the Ukrainian market infrastructure, industry reform, identification of new international opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers, restoration of economic links between enterprises broken as a result of collapse of the former Soviet Union and their transformation on a market basis.

The Group’s investment policy in this segment is twofold:

- Direct investment in industrial and agricultural sector; and

- Investment in market infrastructure, particularly in the investment, banking, credit and finance, insurance, advertisement, information technology and other services to improve efficiency and competitiveness of Ukrainian industrial and agricultural companies both on domestic and international market.

To date, general volume of UFG’s priority investment portfolio has exceeded US$100 million.

Within this activity, UFG implemented a number of joint projects with the leaders of the Ukrainian space industry, particularly Yuzhnoye Design Office and other entities within the National Space Agency framework. Also, the Group provided important technological services to Malyshev Plant in Kharkiv and other organizations. UFG also provided investment consultancy and management services to a number of Ukrainian industrial and agricultural businesses, including AvtoKraz Truck Manufacturing Plant, Kharkiv Tractor-Building Plant, Khmelnitsky Confectionery, KyivMlyn (a major flour-grinding industry corporation), Zolotonosha Canning Factory, as well as Secure Grain environmental project and others.

On the other hand, UFG benefited from its activities in industry and agriculture by drawing significant equity investment for expanding its operations from Ukraine’s leading industrial companies, such as ANTONOV Aviation Plant, KOROLYOV Production Association, Kharkiv By-Coke Plant, Shostka Chemical Agents Plant, Kriviy Rig Airport, Kyiv Meat Processing Factory, Priluki Furniture Factory, and many others.

For some of its corporate clients, UFG identified efficient strategic investors. Ukrainian Financial Group continues its extensive activities on drawing foreign investment to Ukrainian industry and agriculture. The Group has significant potential to provide efficient investment consultancy services and comprehensive support to foreign investors in various sectors of Ukrainian industry and agriculture.

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